20 Years Later... He's Back


Written by
Christian Bogey

The sequel to the classic Atari's Game : YAR'S REVENGE

This program is CARTRIDGEWARE...
If you enjoy this game and you've got unused (but working) VCS 2600 cartridges, please send them to me. It'll makes me happy :-)
Contact me at khryssun@aol.com

VCS Simulator is supplied 'as-is' ; the author WILL NOT be held responsible for ANY LOSS OR DAMAGES that may occur as a direct or indirect result of, or inability to use, VCS Simulator.
The author will not be held responsible for damages resulting from the loss of business or productivity due to the use of VCS Simulator. Furthermore, the author will not be held liable for any damages that may be incurred as a result of using non-standard video modes.
The author also cannot be held liable regarding the merchantability (or lack thereof) of VCS Simulator. The author grants no warranty whatsoever, and none should be implied.


1 - Installation

To run this program, unzip the file YARSQST.ZIP into the main directory of VCS Simulator (don't create a subdir).
Launch the program VCSS.EXE, choose options, select the cartridge "YARS' QUEST" and activate the "Run" button.
Choose Options Run Cartridge

2 - Game Objective

You are controlling a YAR warrior.
Your objective is to explore Secret Bases of the Qotile's empire searching for P.O.W.

Rescue as many YARS as possible before loosing all your lives.

You start your quest with :

- 3 Lives
- 5 Proton torpedoes
- 2 Baits
- 1 Shield

3 - Using The Controllers

Use 2 Controllers with this VCSS Game Program :

- The Joystick controller.
- The Video Touch Pad controller (The Star Raiders controller is emulated through the PC Numpad).

Be sure the Joystick Controller cable is firmly plugged into the first Joystick port of your PC.
To use the Joystick, select "Joystick" Controller in the VCSS' options panel.


Joystick Controls :

Move the Joystick Left to move the YAR to the left.
Move the Joystick Right to move the YAR to the right.
Move the Joystick Up to move the YAR to the top.
Move the Joystick Down to move the YAR to the bottom.

Use the diagonals in the same way.

Press the fire controller button to fire a shot and/or use a special weapon.

if you don't have a joystick you may use the keyboard to control the YAR.
To use the keyboard, select "Keyboard" Controller in the VCSS' options panel.

Keyboard Controls :

Press the Arrow Left key to move the YAR to the Left.
Press the Arrow Right key to move the YAR to the right.
Press the Arrow Up key to move the YAR to the top.
Press the Arrow Down key to move the YAR to the bottom.

Press 2 directions Keys simultaneously to obtain diagonals.

Press the control key to fire a shot and/or use a special weapon.


Video Touch Pad :

(Emulated throught the PC numpad)

0 : Display Game screen / Inventory screen.
1 : Select Proton Torpedoes (if available).
2 : Select Bait (if available).
3 : Select Shield (if available).
5 : Select Energy Missile (primary weapon).

4 - Console Controls

Game Select Switch : F3

Use the GAME SELECT switch to select the game number you wish to play.
Hold down the switch down until the correct number appears at the top of the title screen.
See Game Variations to select the game you wish to play.

Game Reset Switch : F4

When you have selected the game number, press down the Game Reset switch to start the game.

Left Difficulty Switch : F5 / F6

If the Left Difficulty switch is in the A position (hard mode) the YAR will loose the item he's carrying when he's killed.

If the Left Difficulty switch in the B position (normal mode) the YAR won't loose the item he's carrying when he's killed.

Right Difficulty Switch : F7 / F8

The Right Difficulty switch is not used.

TV Type switch : F2

Set this switch to COLOR if you have a color monitor. Set it to B-W if you are playing the game in black and white.

5 - Gameplay

Each level starts in the main entrance of a new secret Base.
This room is always closed by 8 doors leading to other rooms.

- Find the way to open the doors,
- Collect strange items,
- Use mysterious machines... and much more

Some doors requires special process to be unlocked.


Destroyer Missiles

They'll always track you.


You'll encounter them in special rooms only.
Be careful about their intensive missile fire.


The most dangerous enemy.
He'll fall upon you in an unforeseeable way.


Energy Missile :
Primary, low powerful and unlimited weapon.

Proton Torpedo :

Proton Torpedoes Pack Very powerful and destructive weapon.
Each proton pack collected gives you 5 more torpedoes.
Maximum loading : 20 proton torpedoes.

Bait :

Bait Pack Use the baits to lure the swirls and the destroyer missiles.
Each bait released will be active for 3 seconds.
Each bait pack collected gives you 3 more baits.
Maximum loading : 10 baits.

Shield :

Shield Pack Activate a shield for invulnerability.
Each shield used will be active for 3 seconds.
Each shield pack collected gives you 1 more shield.
Maximum loading : 5 shields.

Use the Video Touch Pad (Num Pad) to select a weapon.
Press the Fire Button to use the selected weapon.

Notes :
- The weapon selection may be done from the inventory screen or the game screen.
- When you loose a life, the secondary weapon is automatically disabled.


This screen displays :

- The number of lives remaining.
- Your current score.
- The state of your weapons.
- The item you're carrying.

Press the 0 key of the Video Touch Pad (Num Pad) to access to the this screen.

Bait Selected Press the 0 key of the Video Touch Pad one more time to resume the game.

To enjoy the game, I recommend you to discover and to experiment the game by yourself.

However, if you find the game too much difficult, you may read the "TIPS" section for more infos.

6 - Scoring

GENERAL : Beam Cell : 10 Points Open Door : 100 Points Guardian : 200 Points Unlock Door : 500 Points Generator : 1000 Points

LEVEL COMPLETED BONUS : Live Bonus : 250 Points / Live left YAR Rescued : 500 Points / P.O.W. Level 1 : 200 Points Level 2 : 400 Points Level 3 : 600 Points Level 4 : 800 Points Level 5 : 1000 Points and above : 1000 Points

EXTRA LIVE AT : 10,000 Points 20,000 Points 40,000 Points 80,000 Points 160,000 Points 320,000 Points

7 - Game Variations

Game 01 : Easiest
Game 12 : Hardest (High Speed and more agressive enemies).

8 - Revision History

02/22/2001 YARS' QUEST Beta Version Build 34 First Private release. 03/08/2001 YARS' QUEST V1.0 Build 82 Final Version release.



- Beam-Yar Collision may be fatal.

- Common doors may be destroyed by a swirl hit.

- Special doors requires special Symbols Keys activation to be unlocked.

- Elemental Symbols have to be fitted together to build Symbols Keys.

- The P.O.W.'s cells access is under the protection of 2 power stations.